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Learning the 4 Basic Core Kickboxing Punches

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Core Kickboxing is a full-body workout that can either include full contact or not. 
This type of exercise is both cardio and muscle building; while being overall stress relieving making it a healthy workout option even for the novice. Here are the 4 basic Core Kickboxing Punches to get you started with your full body stress-relieving workout.

All four of these punches will have the same lower body stance and follow-through motion. You should be standing straight, with knees slightly wider than hip-length apart, and your weight will be on the balls of your feet. Your knees should be bent slightly to create a mini-squat. Your core should be tight, without being locked; so that your body movements feel fluid and balanced at all times.

The starting position of your hands will be the same for all four punches. Your hands will be in what is called a Guard Position with secure fists up near your shoulders at chin or cheek level, with the back of your hands facing away from the face. The elbows will be at your sides, not touching your ribs, but also not sticking out.


For the Jab movement, you will begin your move at the foot twisting inward on the ball of your foot, with your knee and hip following in suit forcing your body to pivot around slightly as your arm extends out. Your aim should be at about the nose level of your invisible opponent’s face. The force from this as with all of the punches mentioned here comes from the hip and explodes out through the arm and fist as the body rotates. When the punch is complete, your fist and body return to the Guard Position.


As with the Jab, your punch will start with the ball of the foot rotation that travels up through the knee and hip, to the arm. The difference is that this time instead of punching forward, you will be pivoting your body slightly to punch across your body to the side making sure to complete your follow through with the arm and fist; when you have completed your punch, return to Guard Position.


This punch is another forward punch, except instead of punching straight out, you will be bringing your arm down in a forward-moving semi-circular motion that results in the force of your punch coming from below and exploding upward into the chin of your invisible opponent. Again, return to the Guard stance when the punch is complete.


The Hook is a forward punch that comes from the side. With this punch, you will again use your ball of the feet rotation to initiate the force behind your punch and bring your arm around from the side in a hook like motion. Similar to the Uppercut movement, except with this punch instead of dropping the arm down you will be bringing the arm out to the side a bit continuing to keep the arm level with the shoulder. This punch is intended to land on the side of the head when thrown; when done return to the Guard position.

Kickboxing is one way to achieve a high cardio full body workout without any equipment or cost expenditure. Learning these basic moves at home and performing them regularly is a cost effective way to get your workouts in while ridding yourself of some of your daily stress.

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