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How to Shred Your Body on The Treadmill Beyond Running

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Running is always a great way to shed some pounds. However, it’s not the end all be all solution in order to get super lean. There are other alternative methods in order to develop a great body. Just using the treadmill to run is scratching the surface because you can truly get creative in a way that goes beyond just a running utensil. Luckily, there are great classes out there that will teach you how to go about using this as much more than a running instrument.

You can start using it as a way to perform other exercises that provide a full-body workout. Here are some good ways to use the treadmill to shred your body outside purely running.

How to Shred Your Body on The Treadmill Beyond Running

Using a Plyo Box to Create a Plank and Move on the Treadmill

This is actually great to create more stability in your body. You can put your hands on the treadmill let them walk on it while your feet are planted on the plyo box. You can get into more of a plank position to help you get things together. Set your treadmill for 1.0 miles per hour to get your footing just right. You’ll be able to straddle it better because you can get your hips up and align them with your arms. It works out the muscles in your shoulders, hips, core, and more. This is meant to be a lighter workout and will help you get your wind in order to sustain the more difficult works that will come ahead.

Executing Reverse Mountain Climbers on the Treadmill

Mountain climbers are an excellent core workout that can be quite gruelling depending on the intensity and form. Use the treadmill to take your workout to another level. You’ll be on the treadmill in a plank position while keeping your hips level so that you stabilize your core a lot better. Start the treadmill at 1.0 mph. Take your time to pick your hips up and really get into building a strong foundation for your core and shoulders to get set on fire with a good movement.

Implementing a Crab Crawl for Your Arms

Straddle the treadmill belt with your hands and keep your hips up in a good position. Make sure your hands are under the shoulder as you walk back. It gets really challenging because your body needs to be well elevated and it’s a real stamina test with your arms and shoulders. Do this for a full minute or more if you want a great workout with your shoulders, triceps, and butt.

Do a Hill Blaster Movement to Work the Legs

Depending on your fitness level, you can change the incline and the speed to make things more intense. Hold on the arms of the treadmill and then sprint for about 30 seconds. Make sure you have short strides for less stress on the back and you keep your knees up with the motions. Take a 20-second break between intervals. Do this for 3-5 rounds to really get your blood pumping. These exercises will take your treadmill session to another planet.

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